Kundalini Cacao

Kundalini Cacao

Kundalini Cacao is organic raw cacao grown in the mountains and jungles of Peru by local farmers. Discover the ecstatic sensation of Kundalini Cacao. Join on the journey to Heart and inner harmony. Cacao is called the Elixir of the Gods. Discover and experience why. Kundalini Shakti. Our Inner Guru, invites you to meditate on your Heart. Listen to your Intuition. Follow the miracle that You are. Kundalini Cacao is made with the intention to connect You with your Heart’s voice and Intuition.

Kundalini Cacao has the European Union eco-label and has been tested in the laboratory for the corresponding requirements. No child labor is used in the production.
Kundalini Cacao supports sustainability and the development of organic farming. Cacao is produced using machines in a factory with high quality technology.

Cacao comes from its natural environment. Cacao is made using whole cocoa beans and is minimally processed without heating above 40 degrees to preserve its best properties. Cacao comes from fair trade and is consecrated by us with Love.

History of cacao

One of the most fascinating aspects of cacao is the history of the plant! As we delve into Mayan history, we discover that humans have actually been using cacao for much longer—more than 14,000 years! Respect and humility are key when working with any plant, especially when turning to the plant for guidance or healing.

There are two simple ways to pay respect and gratitude to the keepers of cacao wisdom. Know the origin of your cocoa! When you start drinking your cacao, take a moment to not only respect the history of the plant, but also the land where cacao grew and all the people involved in growing it, from the jungle to the cup. Just picture it in your mind’s eye and send a wave of gratitude to the land and the people who have made it possible for you to drink this cocoa right now. Bring deep gratitude and respect for cocoa!

Cocoa is a sacred gift to us from mother earth. Sometimes when working with a plant we can quickly forget what a blessing it really is to be able to connect with that plant. For thousands of years, the consumption of cocoa has been attributed a great measure of sanctity, and it is important that we do not take this opportunity for granted when we consume cacao.

Notify. Respect. Today.

Effects of cacao

Raw cacao is primarily known as an energy drink, which it is. However, depending on the amount and your habits, it can also have a relaxing and grounding effect.

Cocoa is a stimulant like coffee. The active stimulant in raw cacao is called theobromine. Theobromine is very similar to caffeine, but its effects are milder and last longer. Theobromine triggers the dilation of blood vessels, which increases blood flow throughout the body. Cocoa can increase blood flow to the brain and heart by up to 30-40%!

Cocoa has a calming effect primarily due to its high magnesium content. The magnesium content in cocoa helps the body release tension, relaxes muscles and promotes restful sleep.

If you are a big coffee drinker, a small amount of cocoa in the evening may not affect your sleep at all, but may actually help you sleep better! A small amount is somewhere around 10 grams of raw cacao. However, if you are very sensitive to various stimulants, then we do not recommend you to drink cocoa late at night, if you do not want to risk staying up at night… If you want to experiment, add additives with a calming effect to your cocoa, for example reishi.

Meet the Founder of Kundalini Cacao

Romet is the creator of Kundalini Cocoa. Romet discovered cacao early in his spiritual journey. Romet started consuming cocoa on a daily basis, not yet knowing how much power the cocoa plant carries. Over the years, Romet learned what a powerful plant cacao is that opens people’s hearts and brings more love, care and joy into the world!

Romet’s established mission is to create a more harmonious place in the world, where love and understanding of each other’s hearts can flourish. This is how Kundalini Kakao was created from a request to help people connect with their heart’s voice and intuition through kakao.

Join Romet’s mission and include cocoa in your daily activities!

A cup of cocoa love for every day!

Kundalini Shakti in cacao

Kundalini Shakti is our inner Guru. You are the wave, he is the ocean. He is the cocoa, You are the experiencer in the body and vice versa. She is our divine Mother. Kundalini Shakti is the Original Source of all people. He lives in you. The divine power living or sleeping in you. He is a creative and playful intelligence that creates you – thinks your thoughts, hears from your ears, sees from your eyes. His Heart is Your Heart. Kundalini Shakti is awake in all of us, but directed towards external attainment, but reaching the central channel Shusumna is a blessing from Above. We can create a clean slate, clear our bodies and minds so that magic can manifest. Cocoa is a tool for this. To help bring you into meditation with your own Heart. Kundalini Cocoa is accompanied by gods, goddesses, angels, ascended masters and many other signifiers radiating in the Consciousness of Love.

Toorkakaojoogi valmistamine

Kindlasti mõtled, kuidas kasutada Sinu käte vahel olevat toorkakaod. Jagame sinuga
lihtsaid nippe ja imemaitsvat retsepti, kuidas meie oma kakaod valmistame. Loo
endale mõnus keskkond, kus kakaod valmistada. Võid süüdata küünla ning
puhastada oma püha ruum palo santo või salveiga. Soovitame kakaole anda omalt
poolt taotlus või palve, mille järele Sinu Süda selles eluhetkes kutsub.


10-45g Kundalini Kakaod
150-200ml allikavett või piima
3-5 datlit
1/2 tl Tseiloni kaneeli
1/3 tl kardemoni
Näpuotsatäis Cayenne’i pipart
Näpuotsatäis Himaalaja soola
Teelusikatäis maca pulbrit

Kaalu endale sobiv kogus kakaod. Meditatiivne kogus on 15 kuni 25 grammi. Tugev
kogus tseremooniaks on 25 kuni 45 grammi. Lastele piisav kogus 10-15 grammi.
Piim võib olla toorpiim või taimne piim. Magustamiseks soovitame kasutada
datleid, kuid võid ka kasutada mett või mõnda muud naturaalset magustajat.

1.Haki noaga kakao väikesteks tükkideks.
2.Kuumuta potis allikavesi või piim kuni 40 kraadini.
3.Lisa maitseained, vürtsid ja datlid ning viimasena lisa kakao.
4.Kalla potis olev segu blendrisse ning blenderda.

Nüüd, kus kakaojook on valmis, vala see enda lemmiktassi ning sea enda mugavalt
istuma koos tassi kakaoga. Sulge hetkeks oma silmad, ühendu taas oma taotlusega
ning suuna enda fookus ja mõttejõud Südamele. Märka, mis Sinu sees peitub. Kõik, mida otsid, peitub Sinus eneses.

Maagilist kakaoelamust soovides,
Kundalini Kakao